Mr Oyekunle Ajayi, 5N0OBA / 5N7MBA, 30 March 2016

| May 20, 2016

It is with great sadness that we share with you the loss of The Secretary General of The Nigeria Amateur Radio Society, Mr Oyekunle Ajayi, 5N0OBA / 5N7MBA on 30 March 2016. He was a pillar and active promoter of NARS for over 25 years and will be greatly missed. He is survived by his wife, children and grandchildren.

Oyekunle was an enthusiastic supporter of Emergency Communications and always keen to remind me that Region 1 is more than just Europe. He will be missed.

Tribute by Greg, G0DUB

IARU Region 1 Emergency Communications Co-Ordinator

Category: Silent Keys