Ken Holmes, G3KEH, 2nd April 2016

| April 12, 2016
Ken Holmes, G3KEH (SK)

Ken Holmes, G3KEH (SK)

It is with a deep sense of sadness that I am writing this update to add a name to the Silent Keys.  G3KEH, Ken Holmes, passed away on Saturday the 2nd of April 2016 at St Margaret’s Hospice, Yeovil.  He was my wife’s stepfather, a man who I first met over a glass of homebrewed Belgian beer some 15 years ago.

Ken had been a keen amateur radio enthusiast for most of his life really, starting in 1945 when Ken was about 17 and got his first job with Regentone Radio. Ken was aided and abetted by his sister’s boyfriend, who was a radio engineer for the Police.  The boyfriend brought Ken his first radio, with a lead acid battery charged at the local hardware shop.

Having trained at RAF Yatesbury’s Radio School and RAF Cranwell, Ken had a number of postings including Odzi in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), where he had the original call sign ZE3JZ; Bulawayo, Nicobar Islands, Colombo and Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

Leaving the RAF, Ken Joined McMichaell, working on such things as Submarine Emergency Positioning Indicator and Polaris Sonar radio receiver.  As you can see this man never stood still – and that followed Ken into retirement.

Ken was very keen on his classical music and ran the local music appreciation society for a number of years from his home in South Petherton.

Joanne and I and now our two boys, have had many trips down to Somerset to see Ken and have wonderful memories of a very kind gentleman, who loved speaking to people near and far.

Should you find yourself near Yeovil and in desperate need of Fish and Chips, I would highly recommend Palmer, a place we visited most times we saw Ken – should you find yourself sitting at one of their tables, perhaps spare a though for an excellent human being and maybe raise a glass.

He will be deeply missed by family and friends alike.

Tribute by Mark Harrison

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