Doug MacArthur, VK3UM, 21st February 2016

| February 24, 2016
Doug MacArthur, VK3UM (SK)

Doug MacArthur, VK3UM (SK)

I am both sad and shocked to report that Doug passed away on the night of Monday the 21st of February 2016.  Only on Sunday afternoon we had been working together on EME Calc.

– Rex, VK7MO

Quite simply, I would not have even tried EME without Doug and his software. Many people ‘do’ amateur radio, few change it – and Doug was one of the few.

– John, G4BAO

Truly a giant amongst radio amateurs ( and more).

– Sam, G4DDK

Doug was known to so many of us as the author of the EME Planner and EME Calc software,  that many of us use almost every day. He has left us with a great legacy – let’s think of him every time we use his fantastic software!

– Charlie, G3WDG

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