Gordon B Phillips, 2E1FZR, 27 December 2014

| February 9, 2015

It is with great sadness that I report the unexpected passing of Gordon B Phillips, 2E1FZR, born 1937, died 27 December 2014, age 78.

Gordon was born in Port Talbot, South Wales, of a normal working class family. After leaving school, he worked as a cinema projectionist until he was called up for National Service. This he hated and said it was a complete waste of time for him. However, he had to use radio equipment and this started a life time interest as both a SWL and then an amateur, gaining his call sign of 2E1FZR.

On discharge he found that his old job was no longer available despite a promise that it would be, so he eventually joined Trinity House as a lighthouse keeper, working on light houses both at sea and on land based locations, becoming a Principal Keeper (ie he was in charge). He worked there until made redundant due to the automation of the light houses. He was posted to Foreland Point early on in this career and took a flat in nearby Ilfracacombe, where he stayed for 40 to 50 years, for the rest of his life.

Again he tried to rejoin the cinema, but modern technology had made his job redundant, so he turned to being a salesman with Betaware, before retiring.

He had a desire to have a sports car, and in about 2006/7 he purchased a Morgan sports car, which caused a lot of interest when he was out, and a number of chats with interested persons.

He could be intolerant of other people, especially if they upset him, but saying that, he had many good points, and interesting stories of his light house days and was a pleasure to chat with.

Having spoken with him over a number of years with regular skeds on the radio, and especially on the day before his death, when he appeared to be in fine health, it was a shock to learn that less than 24 hours after our last sked, he had died. I am sure that there will many amateurs over in Wales and in England who will miss chatting to him. I know that I shall miss our chats on 70cm, but remember him with fondness for all the interesting chats that we had.

Laurence Holderness, GW0CCO
Amateur radio friend

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