John Dunnington, G3LZQ, 8 December 2014

| December 9, 2014
John Dunnington, G3LZQ (SK), seen here in 2010 at the GM DX Convention. Photo courtesy G3TXF.

John Dunnington, G3LZQ (SK), seen here at the 2010 GM DX Convention. Photo courtesy of G3TXF.

John Dunnington, G3LZQ became a Silent Key on 8 December 2014, passing away peacefully in his sleep. John generously served amateur radio and the Society in many ways, including as DXpedition Fund Manager. He was RSGB Awards Manager from January 2003 until very recently, when poor health obliged him to step down from his roles. John’s work was recognised by the Board in 2012 with the presentation of the prestigious Founder’s Trophy.


John supported the club at Silcoates School right from the start. He donated equipment to us and always would ask anyone he knew that would see me  “How are the Silcoates lads doing?”  He saw no limits on what a school club should do and was instrumental in introducing the pupils to contesting. He was an unassuming man and much of his support and encouragement of youth work may have gone unnoticed.  

I told the pupils as soon as I found out and some of the older members have decided that our YOTA activity will be in his memory, with a mention on the QSL cards.

Nigel Wears M0NJW,
Silcoates School ARC


John was a great supporter of GB5HQ/GB7HQ/GR2HQ over the years – his enthusiasm will be missed.  RIP John.

Chris, GM3WOJ


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