John Cronk, GW3MEO, 22 November 2014

| November 27, 2014

John Cronk, GW3MEO became a Silent Key on Saturday, 22nd of November 2014.  He had a fall, suffered a seizure, and had a heart attack from which he did not recover.

John had developed a keen interest in electricity, radio, and other topics, in south London in the 1940s.  He was first licensed as G6MEO/T, as an amateur TV operator.  Later he got the callsign G3MEO.

When TV was restored after WW2, John built his own cabinet TV set, using a surplus VCR97 tube.  He had a plastic liquid-filled lens standing in front of the tube to increase the picture size.

John married Sylvia, and they initially lived in Thornton Heath, London. Later, John got a job with Johnson Matthey at Royston, Herts.  John and Sylvia lived nearby, at Steeple Morden.  John was active on the air from there.

After he was made redundant, he and Sylvia moved to Prestatyn, north Wales, where his callsign changed to GW3MEO.  Sylvia unfortunately later developed a cancer, and died.  John then continued living in the same house for a number of years, until his own recent death.

John had two sons, Stephen (Steve) and Andrew, who survive him.

Tribute by Vic Ludlow, G3JLZ (long-time friend)

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