Donald J Munro, GM3TCM, 20 September 2014

| October 28, 2014
Donald J Munro, GM3TCM, SK

Donald J Munro, GM3TCM, SK

Donald J Munro, GM3TCM passed away on 20 Sept 2014. He had suffered bravely the effects of Parkinson’s Disease, which caused quite some disability over the past 18 months.

I first met Donnie in 1957 and the common link was amateur radio; in these times amateurs routinely built or modified equipment to create ham stations and Donnie was very innovative in home brew equipment with great success. He was a real hands on man and a great friend to me for life.

Donnie went into the Police Force and was one of the genuine old time Bobbies; he dealt with things by common sense rather than pulling out the note book so had lots of friends and was well informed as to what was happening on his patch. Sadly these methods are gone now.

When Donnie retired from the Police in 1990 he worked with social services, mini bus driver and other tasks.

When the Council retired him from that job in 2001 he became a delivery courier for a local company but was headhunted by Sutherland Bros and looked after their store until a few months ago. He just could not and would not be idle.

I went overseas for 35 years but when I returned we again got together as if it was yesterday; Donnie was still a member of the Caithness Amateur Radio Society, which makes him the longest serving member to date: 1960 to 2014. He was the only member ever awarded a life membership of our club.

Donnie was delighted that the club in 2013 progressed to having its own club house and attended the meetings up to a few months ago.

I feel honoured to have been a life long friend of GM3TCM and grateful to have had his company these past eight years since I returned to Wick.

The family has given me some of Donnie’s collection of gear and components, most of which I will pass on to the club and members.

His main radio (a Swan) is with his grandson and I have committed the club to give the lad free one to one tutoring, pay for the exam and free membership of our club for as long as he is in education.

We hope that through his grandson GM3TCM will live on in the fellowship of amateur radio.

God bless you Donnie.

Tribute by Hamish Duncan, Chairman MM0HDW Caithness Amateur Radio Society

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