Harry Arnfield, G3LX, 10 August 2014

| September 29, 2014


Harry Arnfield, G3LX (1919-2014) . Photo courtesy of Christine Simcock, M1SIM.

Harry Arnfield, G3LX (1919-2014) . Photo courtesy of Christine Simcock, M1SIM.

Harry Arnfield, G3LX (1919-2014) – a great loss to Stockport Radio Society.

It’s very sad to announce to the world that our President, Harry Arnfield, G3LX died peacefully on Sunday 10 August 2014.

Harry had been the President of our society for more years than we, and he, cared to remember. Whilst relatively inactive from a radio point of view and being well into his 90s, Harry continued to support the society and its activities, albeit from afar, for many years.

Members had benefited from his wealth of knowledge regarding all things radio, as well as being entertained by stories of his times in the RAF and working for Hawker Siddeley at Woodford Aerodrome.

Thank you Harry; our thoughts are with your family and friends at this sad and difficult time.

Tribute by Nigel Roscoe, G0RXA, Chairman, Stockport Radio Society


It was very sad for the Stockport Radio Society to hear the passing of our President last year. A eulogy is available either on the website or by email from srswebsite@g8srs.co.uk

Harry was a Member of the RSGB and was entered in the ‘Old Timers’ Honour Roll in the February 2013 issue of RadCom for a continuous 77 years membership.

An article was given to me from Art, G0EOM that was in a local paper many years ago. Here is a small piece out of the article (which is on our website) about Harry.

“Harry Arnfield from New Mills, has been a Member of the Society since the 1930’s and bought with him the Baird Mirror Drum Kit television he was building in 1935. At the time it cost him two weeks wages, but there was a present day portable radio transmitter kit which cost less than £100.

“The Society originally met at Foresters Hall, Stockport on June 4, 1920 when 12 people attended. Then in 1921 Stockport Wireless Society, as it was known, was amongst a group of 61 radio societies who put forward a petition to the Postmaster General to be allowed to speak on the airwaves, which was until then illegal. The Society is one of a few from that group that exists today.” Read the full article on Harry’s page on the Stockport Radio Society website – www.g8srs.co.uk.

Additional tribute by Heather Stanley
Stockport Radio Society

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