Ray Barker, G0FDU, 12 July 2014

| July 22, 2014
Ray Barker, G0FDU (SK)

G0FDU at VHF NFD in July 2014

I am sad to report that Ray Barker, G0FDU is now SK, having passed away on 12 July 2014. Ray was a very active member of Darenth Valley RS, joining the club in 1987 when he got his A licence. He could be heard daily on 40m, especially with his WAB contacts of which he was very keen.

Ray was an active amateur, a gentleman on the air and set an example of what a good operator should be. He operated at the M2000A Centenary station with the Cray Valley RS, and in 2013 was the NoV holder for his club when they hosted the G100RSGB station for Kent.

Although he participated in VHF field days, as he did in the VHF NFD the weekend before he passed away, he much preferred HF where he worked SSTV, RTTY and CW.

Ray was always keen to help others with their projects, and in helping out whether at club meetings or events. He will be greatly missed by all those who knew him.

Tribute by Keith Bird, G4JED, on behalf of Darenth Valley RS.


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