Peter Park, GM3PIP, 22 May 2014

| May 28, 2014

Sad news as I learned that Peter Park, GM3PIP became silent key on the 22ndĀ of May 2014.

He had long associations with Aberdeen Amateur Radio Society, Buchan Amateur Club (Founder Member), and Banff and Buchan Club. He was RSGB area representative 1963-1974, Member of the Radio Society of Great Britain from 1959 to date. RSGB MORSE Volunteer operator for the Morse practice transmitting station GB2CW for many years on HF and VHF.

He was also a life member of the Royal Signals Amateur Radio Society (RSARS 051), A member of military WARS ( Radio restoration), Associate member National Institute of Engineering, Member of RAOTA 1947, FISTS 1883, MEGS 221, G-QRP 11192. He was a keen Morse enthusiast with a small collection of Morse keys and lamps including the Begbie Signalling Lamp dated (1892).

Callsigns held were GM3PIP, GM3PJP and Special Call GB3ABB, GB3MGW and GB4ODS.
His motto was “Morse is not dead, Keep it alive” ._. .. ._ _.

Tribute by George Anderson, GM0VGI, for AARS

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