Bill Learmonth, G4YZE, January 2013

| December 2, 2013

Bill Learmonth, G4YZE passed away in January 2013 at the age of 88 years.

Bill well be remembered for his excellent talks and slide shows, showing the complete history of Winter Hill and the development in the 1950s of the TV station, using an ex Chain Home mast for channel 9 ITV, that had just been introduced. For many, many years, Bill was the Chief Engineer there, when run by the IBA.  It is now run by Arqiva.

There is a fine obituary to Bill as a PDF on the ROAR web pages,, page 3.

In recent years, Bill had compiled a DVD showing the history of Winter Hill. The video is about 35 minutes long. It is available to view or download from the BATC web pages.

Bill will be sadly missed by all those who knew him. He was a very fine gentleman indeed.

Tribute by Stewart Revell,   G3PMJ

A profile view of a white-haired, bespectacled Bill Learmonth, G4YZE, looking towards the right of the photograph

The late Bill Learmonth, G4YZE, seen here in June 2010 on a visit to Winter Hill with members of the IET




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