RadCom Basics, May 2023, Edition 34

| June 2, 2023

We are pleased to announce the May 2023 edition of RadCom Basics is now available on the RSGB website

In this edition, James Stevens, M0JCQ has put together a step-by-step guide to help you use the Reverse Beacon Network to gauge band conditions and his results speak for themselves

Also in this edition;

  • 12 Repairing circuit board tracks – Part 1
    Here are a couple of ways to repair circuit board tracks that Lee, G4EJB has used on numerous occasions, even breaking some tracks to illustrate how simple repairs can be made
  • 20 A simple indoor antenna for 160m
    The idea of having a 160m vertical in the loft may sound incredible, but here’s a design by Roger Lapthorn, G3XBM that he has used for many years with some respectable WSPR results
  • Basic fault-finding – Part 5
    Lee, G4EJB revisits the DC amplifier to show an example of a fault that could catch you out. Then the DC amplifier is developed into an audio amplifier and how to fault-find with very basic test equipment or even less
  • 34 The doublet antenna
    A warm welcome to Tim Hier, G5TM who provides a very detailed and practical insight into the under-estimated doublet antenna for the HF bands.
  • 26 Having fun on the 10m band
    Following on from James Stevens, M0JCQ’s excellent 10m antenna article, here are the results—James shares his success story
  • 41 Index of RadCom Basics articles, editions 1 to 34
    Provides you with an up-to-date reference to all RadCom Basics articles

To read this edition online, or to download the PDF version, go to rsgb.org/radcom-basics or tap or click the cover image below, and login with your callsign and RSGB Membership Services password

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