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| November 20, 2020

The RSGB’s GB2RS News service is looking for a new volunteer manager. The position involves appointing and liaising with GB2RS newsreaders, managing schedules and notices of variation, as well as working closely with the editorial staff at HQ. For more information, please contact the RSGB General Manager’s Department by email on

Bob, G3VCA reports that an Icom IC-7100 has gone missing from the RAF Waddington ARC station. Its serial number is 03001813. If you have any news of it, particularly if you see it offered for sale, please email G3VCA on

The damaged 305 metre radio telescope at Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico will be decommissioned due to safety concerns. One of its support cables broke in August and, before repairs could be put in place, a second broke earlier in November. The decommissioning plan focuses only on the 305 metre telescope and is intended to safely preserve other parts of the observatory.

The VHF Contest Committee has a consultation open, right now, looking for feedback on some possible rule changes for 2021. The closing date has been extended to midnight on Sunday, 29 November 2020. If you haven’t already responded and you’re interested in VHF contesting, we’d really appreciate a few minutes of your time. You’ll find it at

South Dublin Radio Club has uploaded its latest video to the club’s YouTube channel. It is called Signals From Outer Space! Make Your Own Antenna to Get Images from Weather Satellites. It is designed as a beginner’s radio project and instructs viewers on how to construct a very simple V-dipole for 137MHz, demonstrating how it can be utilised along with a basic software defined receiver and computer in order to decode images from passing NOAA Weather satellites.

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