Syllabus 2019 mock exams now available

| August 30, 2019

In preparation for Syllabus 2019, which comes into effect this Sunday, 1 September 2019, the RSGB has added to the range of documents for tutors and candidates.

Foundation, Intermediate and Full licence mock exam papers are now available from the Society’s website.

They include a new handy syllabus reference column to help candidates check the appropriate part of the syllabus if they need further revision on specific questions.

You’ll find all of these documents on the special Syllabus 2019 part of the RSGB website at

On the Syllabus 2019 main page, The Syllabus 2019: Full Specification document has been updated with a few minor changes shown in the change log at the end.

Additional supporting materials will be released soon, including documents that will provide sample questions for every syllabus item in each of the exams.

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