Investigating interference from VDSL

| March 6, 2015

The EMC Committee is carrying out an investigation of the significance of interference to amateur radio from VDSL broadband.

Where emissions occur from a normally working VDSL system the noise is continuous twenty-four-seven and sounds like white noise.

Occasionally, when the VDSL system is faulty or disturbed by large external signals, different emissions may be observed as the system attempts to re-connect and re-train.

A request for information has been posted on the RSGB EMC Forum under Investigations New Technology.

Please visit the forum and post observations there or alternatively send any information by email to

The intention of the investigation is to get a general picture of how often emissions occur, so please report emissions on the forum or to the EMC Committee even if they don’t affect your particular amateur activity.

Interference can occur whether or not you have VDSL broadband in your own home.

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