More news on eclipse experiment

| February 20, 2015

In last week’s news, the RSGB Propagation Studies Committee announced the Eclipse Propagation Experiment for the morning of 20 March.

The UK will experience up to 89 percent totality, which is likely to reduce the effect of the D layer of the ionosphere above the UK.

This could mean that stations may be heard on the lower HF bands that would otherwise be inaudible during the day.

As part of the experiment, an Eclipse QSO Party is being organised for the 1.8MHz, 3.5MHz and 7MHz bands.

This is not a contest, but some of the RSGB Contest Committee software and web facilities will be used to collect and display activity reports.

Any radio amateurs who are available are invited to take part and more details will be published over the next two weeks.

Current information is at

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