New propagation film for clubs

| January 30, 2015

Steve Nichols, G0KYA, chairman of the RSGB’s Propagation Studies Committee, has produced a 40 minute movie presentation for clubs entitled Understanding HF Propagation.

This has been produced in response to requests for propagation talks, but where the distances needed to deliver the talk have proved a stumbling block.

The presentation looks at the sun, sunspots, solar flares, coronal mass ejections and their effects on HF.

It also looks at propagation prediction programs and where amateurs can get solar information.

Steve says that the plan is for clubs to show the presentation, which includes movies and audio, with the option of a 20-30 minute Q&A session with Steve conducted via Skype.

The presentation is available as an M4V file, either downloaded or sent on CD-ROM, or as a DVD. Any club interested can contact Steve via

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