WRC-18 Agenda Item spectrum harmonisation

| June 21, 2013

The ITU World Radiocommunication Conference WRC-15 preparation process, as outlined in last weekend’s GB2RS News, covers some complex issues for the amateur community. The RSGB has been closely involved with this preparation process by attending and presenting papers at a number of Ofcom, CEPT and ITU meetings, and will continue to do so. This direct involvement has, in part, been made possible by significant technical support from experts within our membership. In a few months time the WRC-15 Preparatory process will consider what additional agenda items need to be added to the WRC-18 Agenda. The RSGB has submitted its proposal to Ofcom for consideration along with those from other spectrum stakeholders. The RSGB proposal is for improving harmonisation on the 1.8MHz, 50MHz and 3.4GHz bands. For more information see www.rsgb.org/main/news/special-focus/wrc-15/

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