ITU WRC-15The  ITU World Radio Conference in 2015 (WRC-15) has a number of  Agenda Items (AIs)  that are relevant to the amateur and amateur satellite services.

Whilst most attention by amateurs is likely to be focussed on the prospect of a 5 MHz allocation, several other topics are included which represent either threats or opportunities.

The conference is held in Geneva on 2-27 November 2015, and follows years of preparatory studies and meetings at national, regional (inc CEPT) and ITU levels. Colin Thomas G3PSM is attending as part of the UK Delegation.

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Agenda Items of interest to Amateur Radio are:-

  • AI-1.1:  to consider additional spectrum allocations to the mobile service on a primary basis and identification of additional frequency bands for International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT)
  • AI 1.4:  to consider a possible new allocation to the amateur service on a secondary basis within the band 5 250-5 450 kHz in accordance with Resolution COM6/12 (WRC-12)
  • AI 1.6.1:  to consider possible additional primary allocations) to the fixed-satellite service (Earth-space and space-Earth) of 250 MHz in the range between 10 GHz and 17 GHz in Region 1
  • AI 1.10:  to consider  possible additional spectrum allocations for the mobile-satellite service in the E-s and s-E directions, including the satellite component for broadband / IMT applications, within the frequency range from 22 GHz to 26 GHz
  • AI 1.12:  to consider an extension of the current worldwide allocation to the Earth exploration-satellite service in the frequency band 9 300 – 9 900 MHz by up to 600 MHz with the frequency bands 8 700 – 9 300 MHz and/or 9 900 – 10 500 MHz
  • AI 1.18:  to consider a primary allocation to the radiolocation service for automotive applications in the 77.5 – 78.0 GHz frequency band
  • AI 8:  to consider and take appropriate action on requests from administrations to delete their country footnotes or to have their country name deleted from footnotes, if no longer required
  • AI 9.1.4:  Updating and rearrangement of the Radio Regulations
  • AI 9.1.8:  Regulatory aspects for nanosatellites and picosatellites
  • AI 10: possible agenda items for future conferences