Following WRC-19, the next ITU World Radiocommunication Conference was in Nov/Dec-2023.  The Agenda Items (AIs) for WRC-23 along with several preliminary items for WRC-27 were agreed at the end of WRC-19 and included a number of relevance to amateur radio. Agenda Items of particular interest are listed below.

For WRC-23, AI-9.1b, the 23cm/Galileo topic was a high priority and RSGB volunteers supported IARU in ongoing CEPT/ITU studies. Other notable threats arise from AI-1.12, AI-9.1a and AI-10.

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WRC-23 Agenda

  • AI-1.2: Mobile Broadband (IMT) in Microwave Bands (3.3 – 10.5 GHz) in accordance with Resolution-245
  • AI-1.6: Sub-orbital Vehicles in accordance with Resolution-772
  • AI-1.12: Earth exploration-satellite service (EESS) active radar sounders around 45 MHz in accordance with Resolution-656 (40-50MHz+)
  • AI-1.14: EESS(passive) 231.5-252 GHz in accordance with Resolution-662
  • AI-1.18: Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) data collection including 3.3-3.4 GHz in accordance with Resolution-248
  • AI-9.1a: Space Weather Sensors in accordance with Resolution-657
  • AI-9.1b: Measures to be applied in the frequency band 1240-1300 MHz to ensure the protection of the radionavigation-satellite service (RNSS) in accordance with Resolution-774 – 23cms/Galileo etc
  • AI-10: Future Agenda for WRC-27 and preliminary items for WRC-31

In addition a major item on the WRC-23 agenda is AI-1.5 which will review UHF TV Broadcasting and potential Mobile use in 470-960MHz.

Additional Background

WRC-27 Agenda

A record number of preliminary agenda items that may be confirmed by WRC-23 include:-

  • AI-2.1: Radiolocation service on a co-primary basis in the frequency band 231.5-275 GHz and an identification for radiolocation applications in the frequency range 275-700 GHz as outlined in Resolution-663
  • AI-2.6: Space Weather sensors protection as outlined in Resolution-657
  • AI-2.9: Mobile in 1300-1350 MHz as outlined in Resolution-250
  • AI-2.13: Mobile Satellite service in 1.6-3.4 GHz as outlined in Resolution-248


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