DX News – 21 December 2014

| December 19, 2014

Special callsigns in the format E50x have been issued to the seven resident amateurs in the Cook Islands, OC-194, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of self-governance. They may be used at the operator’s discretion between 1 January and 31 December 2015.

RV3ARY is planning to operate from Mount Vinson in Antarctica between 24 December and 3 January. He will use battery power and take Windom and Yagi antennas for 20 metres. Listen out or him on 7.045, 14.260 and 21.260MHz.

F2VX and F9IE will be active stroke FM from Martinique, NA-107, until 8 January. Operations will be on all HF bands using CW and SSB from FM5WD’s station. QSL via their home callsigns.

Bruce, 3W3B will be in Laos operating as XW4XR until 2 January. He operates CW and RTTY and his QSL manager is E21EIC.

Nobuaki, JA0JHQ will sign JA0JHQ/VK9N from Norfolk Island, OC-055 until 22 December. He expects to be mainly active on 17 and 15m SSB. QSLs go via the home call.

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