DX News – 25 February 2024

| February 23, 2024

Bernhard, DL2GAC will be active as H44MS from Malaita, OC-047, in the Solomon Islands, until the 25 April. He will be QRV daily, with activity on the 160 to 6m bands using SSB and some FT8. QSL via Berhard’s home call, directly or via the Bureau.  He will upload details of his contacts to Club […]

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DX News – 18 February 2024

| February 16, 2024

Antonio, IK7WUL is active as TY2AA until Tuesday 20 February while on a humanitarian mission to Benin. In his spare time, he operates SSB on the HF bands. QSL via IZ8CCW and Logbook of the World. Chuck, KG9N is active as V26CV from Antigua, NA-100, until Tuesday 20 February. He is operating mainly using CW […]

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DX News – 11 February 2024

| February 9, 2024

Francis, F6BWJ is active as FM/F6BWJ from Martinique, NA-107, until the 11 March. He will operate CW on the 80 to 10m bands. QSL via Logbook of the World or via the Bureau to his home call. Gerard, F2JD is active as HR5/F2JD from Copan, Honduras until the 21 March 2024. He will operate CW, SSB, […]

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DX News – 4 February 2024

| February 2, 2024

Keith, G3WRO is active as 8Q7WR from the Maldives, AS-013, until the 6 February. He is operating SSB on the 40 to 10m bands, and possibly also on the 80m band. QSL via Keith’s home call. Michel, F5LRL is active as CN2DX from near Kenitra, Morocco until the 10 February. He will operate CW and SSB […]

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DX News – 28 January 2024

| January 26, 2024

Mathias, DL4MM will be active as P4/DL4MM and P40AA from Aruba, SA-036, until Wednesday 31 January. He will operate CW, SSB and digital modes on the 160 to 10m bands. QSL via Club Log’s OQRS, Logbook of the World, or via DL4MM. Elvira, IV3FSG is active as ZD7Z from St. Helena, AF-022, until the 4 […]

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DX News – 21 January 2024

| January 19, 2024

Chris, WA7RAR will be active as 8P9CB from Barbados, NA-021, until the 25 January. Most of his operations will be portable at various locations, especially Parks on the Air sites. He will be QRV on the 20 to 10m bands using CW and SSB. QSL via Logbook of the World, or directly to WA7RAR. Listen […]

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