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Propagation News – 15 December 2019

| December 13, 2019

This week NOAA and NASA produced their latest forecast for the upcoming solar cycle. It predicts that we will be at solar minimum in April 2020, plus or minus six months. We should therefore begin to see a slow rise in new cycle sunspots towards the end of 2020. It says the next cycle is […]

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Propagation News – 8 December 2019

| December 6, 2019

We had very settled geomagnetic conditions last week with the Kp index not rising above two and often sitting at zero. The solar flux index sat at 70/71, reflecting zero sunspots and a blank Sun. As we approach midwinter it is a good time to concentrate on the lower bands, with both 80 and 160 […]

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Propagation News – 1 December 2019

| November 29, 2019

Last week’s CQ Worldwide CW event proved that a contest can really generate activity on the HF bands, despite poor propagation. Despite lukewarm predictions during this period near sunspot minimum, there was plenty of DX to be had, despite a solar flux index of only around 70, and zero sunspots. HF bands as high as […]

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Propagation News – 24 November 2019

| November 22, 2019

The predicted poor geomagnetic conditions forecast for late on the 16th didn’t amount to much. In the event, the Kp index rose to three before settling back down again quite quickly. The Sun remained spotless all week again as we get close to the minimum. As such, HF propagation was relatively poor all week. Daytime […]

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Propagation News – 17 November 2019

| November 15, 2019

Last week was pretty good in terms of HF propagation. Other than a slight blip in the Kp index on Monday, the 11th, when it rose to three due to a weak coronal hole stream, geomagnetic conditions remained settled. The Sun remained spot-free all week, although a new region was noted on the 13th. Region […]

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Propagation News – 10 November 2019

| November 8, 2019

We had a more settled week, geomagnetically speaking. The Sun was a lot calmer, with a lack of coronal holes and fast solar wind to disrupt the ionosphere. We also had a sign again that Solar Cycle 25 is on its way. A tiny sunspot, numbered 2750 and belonging to Cycle 25, appeared in the […]

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