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Propagation News – 19 January 2020

| January 17, 2020

We had another pretty uneventful week with zero sunspots, but no major geomagnetic disturbances. The K-index rose to three on Thursday morning due to the effects of the solar wind, but the ionosphere was otherwise calm geomagnetically. We said last week that there had been some winter sporadic E, which had livened up 10 metres. […]

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Propagation News – 12 January 2020

| January 10, 2020

Having predicted in last week’s broadcast that there would be no geomagnetic disturbances, we did in fact have two periods with an elevated Kp index this week. The first occurred on 5 January, when the Kp index hit four. This was due to the impact of the solar wind. The Kp index rose again to […]

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Propagation News – 5 January 2020

| January 3, 2020

After the two new solar cycle 24 sunspots that appeared last week, we now have another spot developing in the Sun’s south-west quadrant. Don’t get too excited though, as the last two spots soon disappeared and this one might not amount to much either. It is, however, a positive sign that the next cycle is […]

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Propagation News – 22 December 2019

| December 20, 2019

We have a slightly different twist on the HF propagation report this week. At Christmas, we usually help you work the Father Christmas special event station in Lapland, but we are not sure if it is active this year. Instead, there are seven special Christmas stations operating in Spain until the 6th of January 2020. […]

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Propagation News – 15 December 2019

| December 13, 2019

This week NOAA and NASA produced their latest forecast for the upcoming solar cycle. It predicts that we will be at solar minimum in April 2020, plus or minus six months. We should therefore begin to see a slow rise in new cycle sunspots towards the end of 2020. It says the next cycle is […]

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Propagation News – 8 December 2019

| December 6, 2019

We had very settled geomagnetic conditions last week with the Kp index not rising above two and often sitting at zero. The solar flux index sat at 70/71, reflecting zero sunspots and a blank Sun. As we approach midwinter it is a good time to concentrate on the lower bands, with both 80 and 160 […]

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