DX News – 13 April 2014

| April 11, 2014

LW9EOC will be active as 5JZ0T from San Andres Island, IOTA NA-033, between 18 and 25 April. His operations will be on the 10 to 80m bands using CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via his home callsign.

Wolfgang, OE1MWW will be on holiday at AF-024 until 25 April and will operate holiday style as S79WK with a KX3 and simple antennas. He will be maritime mobile until 19 April when he arrives as Mahe Island. QSL via OE1MWW either direct or via the bureau, Logbook of The World or eQSL.

JA2NQG will operate as JD1AAI from Chichijima Island, AS-031, until 17 April. QSL via JA2NQG direct or through the bureau to JD1AAI.

E20HHK/P will be on the air from Nu Island, AS-145, from 18 to 20 April.

Budi, YF1AR, will be active as YF1AR/0 from Payung Besar Island and lighthouse on OC-177 between 18 and 20 April. Activity will be mainly 40m at night time and 20m during the daytime. He plans to operate with a 43ft vertical antenna on top of the lighthouse. QSL via N2OO.

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