DX News – 8 September 2013

| September 6, 2013

JK1AJT will be in Myanmar from 18 to 23 September with the callsign XZ1Z. He is taking a tri-band Yagi with him in addition to the ground plane antennas that he used last month. This operation will be mainly CW. QSL via Club Log, Oh-QRS or direct to JH1AJT.

WB6OJB and K5LBU will be active as A25JK and A25CF, respectively, from the extreme eastern part of Botswana until 12 September. They should have two stations running but the A25JK will be the main call to listen out for. Look for A25JK to operate SSB on the 10 to 20m bands with a possibility of some time spent on 40 and 75m. A25CF will be operating some PSK on whatever bands might be open and A25JK is not on. QSL via their home callsigns.

DL2MDU and DO3HDA will on the air as 8Q7CF from the Maldives, AS-013, between 15 and 27 September. Their activity will be holiday style on the 10 to 80m bands with the possibly of 160m, using CW and SSB with some digital. QSL via DL2MDU.

A team of IOTA enthusiasts are planning to activate 6 Panamanian islands until 19 September. The IOTA reference numbers are NA-071, NA-072, NA-088, NA-170, NA-202 and NA-203. The callsign to be used is HP0INT followed by /1, /2, /3, /4 or /9 depending on the island being activated.

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