DX News

| November 4, 2012

DL1LLL is currently operational portable as ZS7 from Antarctica on the HF bands. His location is the Neumeyer Emergency base. QSL via DL5EBE.

JA1PBV will be on the air from Mauritania as 5T5BV until 10 November. His activity has so far been on 30, 12 and 10m using CW and RTTY. QSL via JA1PBV.

DL8NU will be active as S79NU from Mahe Island in the Seychelles, IOTA AF -024, from 9 to 12 November. He will be operational on the HF bands mostly on CW. QSL via his home callsign.

Walter, HB9MFM will be active as J79WTA from the Tamarind Tree Hotel near Salisbury in Dominca until 17 December. Activity is holiday style on 10 through to 160 metres, using SSB, RTTY, PSK as well as SSTV, if possible. QSL via his home callsign, direct or via the Bureau.

Kazu, 7L4XDT and Masa, K1GI will be active as PJ7XK and PJ7I, respectively, from 18 to 24 November from Sint Maarten, NA-105. Activity will be on 6 through to 160 metres using CW, SSB and the digital modes. QSL PJ7XK via 7L4XDT and PJ7I via JG2BRI.

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