Explanatory notes

Explanatory note to Resolution 3

The Articles require that Nominated Directors are endorsed by the Membership in a secret ballot on or before the AGM [Article 33C]. Philip Willis, M0PHI was recommended to the Board as a Nominated Director by the Nominations Committee in April 2017. The Board accepted the recommendation and also decided to co-opt him as a Director under Article 37 until the 2018 AGM. He has therefore served as a co-opted Director from May 2017 until the AGM.

Explanatory Note to Resolution 5

The Board is proposing, after extensive consultations, to rename Regional Managers/Regional Council Members as Regional Representatives (but retaining the arrangements for their election as at present) and to transform the existing Regional Council and Leadership Team into a new body called the Volunteer Leadership Team. To effect these changes requires 28 separate changes in a 12-page document. An amended version of the Articles can be downloaded here (12-page/295KB PDF). HQ will send out a copy by email or post on request. An article by the President, Nick Henwood, G3RWF has set out the Board’s reasons for recommending these changes, see April 2018 RadCom, page 15. They have been the subject of extensive consultation and debate within the Regional Council and the Leadership Team. The Board recommends that these changes be made.

Explanatory Note to Resolution 6

The Board was disappointed that by the closing date of 31 January 2018 no Member had been duly nominated for the role of President. The Board decided that it should:

  1. Immediately seek fresh nominations—details of how to seek nomination can be found at rsgb.org/nominations. The nomination period ends at 2359 on 26 April 2018
  2. Ask the AGM to amend the Articles of Association to allow the Board to co-opt a President in future if no candidate for election is forthcoming after due advertisement.

The Board hopes that a suitable candidate will now come forward and will serve as President until the 2020 AGM. But if not it will try to co-opt some one until the 2019 AGM and nominations will be sought again in the January 2019 nomination round.