Our Youth Team members are spread across the country, which we separate into regions.

  • Click on the Region number next to each name to see if it covers where you live. We also have a map of all the regions on our website
  • If you would like to get in touch with a member of the Youth Team and have a chat, please email

Youth Champion – Liam Robbins, G5LDR

Youth Team members and their regions:

Rebecca Hughes, M6BUB – Region 3

Jake Utley, M7BLJ – Region 3

Jake Smith – Region 4

Jamie Williams, M0SDV – Region 4

Peter Barnes, M0SWN – Region 7

Nathan Prentice – Region 8

Chloe Monahan, 2E0JPM – Region 9

Caspar Pierce, 2E0KRH – Region 10

Ben Chalmers – Region 12