RSGB construction tool kit

Having been thoroughly road tested, the RSGB contruction tool kit is now available to any affiliated club to use.

It is being managed by the Development of Amateur Radio Group (DARG) to support hands-on learning through local Buildathons and other kit building events.

Clubs can book the kit, subject to availability and at least a month’s notice by completing the application form. Please contact Derek Hughes, Head of DARG, for further details on how to book the tool kit.

The kit comprises twelve sets of tools including Antex soldering irons and stands, sidecutters, pliers, wire strippers, screwdrivers, magnifying glasses, multi-meters, and solder suckers.

There are four 10m long four-way extension leads, with RCDs, one temperature controlled solder station and a PCB drill, should there be any requirement for reworking.

The kit is currently transported in two roll-along suitcases.