TF – Terms of Reference

The Technical Forum Chair is appointed by, and will report to, the Board. The ToR for the Technical Forum are:-

  1. The Forum shall consist of the RSGB Technical Consultants, members of the Society, representatives of affiliated special interest groups and of external expertise thought to be appropriate.
  2. Participants of the Forum shall be by invitation.
  3. The working of the Technical Forum shall be internet based with meetings when appropriate. Note: It is envisaged that there be one main meeting a year with additional meetings only where specialist knowledge or expertise is required.
  4. The aims of the Forum is to pursue, encourage and facilitate technical activities of the hobby, make recommendations or advise where appropriate.
  5. Participants of the Forum may be requested to review technical articles for Radcom.
    • The Board’s policy on the review of technical articles shall apply.
    • Reviewers notes and guidance in the form of a Peer Review document is available on request.
    • The peer review of technical articles is arranged through the technical editor.
    • The Forum shall actively encourage new contributors to Radcom at all levels and provide a mentoring service where appropriate.
  6. Participants of the Forum may on occasions be requested to review books. This is arranged through the Commercial Manager.
  7. To recommend annually to the Board the award of the relevant Societies trophies.
  8. To liaise with other committees of the Society, organisations and offer guidance where required.
  9. To organise and prepare conference papers by the Society and special interest groups making appropriate recommendations to the Board.