7. When you receive the results

All RSGB contest results are published on the contest committee website and it is a condition of entry that you give permission for your results to be made public. If you wish (and this is highly recommended), you can receive an analysis of your entry, showing where you lost points. This is called a UBN report, short for

• “Uniques” – QSOs in which the person you contacted made no other contacts during the contest. Sometimes, these will not be counted as valid.
• “Busted” – where you have recorded one or more essential elements of the contest exchange incorrectly. The QSO will be disallowed and you may incur a penalty.
• “Not-In-Log” – where a QSO that you have claimed does not appear in the other party’s log. The QSO will be disallowed but you will not receive a penalty.

When you submit your log you will be given instructions on how to access your UBN.

If, having, received your UBN report you have questions about its content, please email the contest adjudicator in the first instance.