ETC Committee members and their roles

  • Chair and Rep. for South-West England
    Andrew Barrett, G8DOR
  • Vice Chair
    Noel Matthews, G8GTZ
  • ETC Webmaster and Rep. for Scotland
    Colin Dalziel, GM8LBC
  • Television Repeaters
    Noel Matthews, G8GTZ
  • Data and Nodes
    Steve Morton, G8SFR
  • Rep. for England North
    Bob Wilkinson, G3VVT
  • Rep. for Northern Ireland
    John McCullagh, GI4BWM
  • Secretary and Rep. for Wales and Marches
    Mark Lewis, GW7KDU
  • Rep. for England South-East
    Dave Dawson, G7UZN
  • Data Manager
    James Colderwood, M0ZAH
  • Beacon Co-ordinator
    Murray Niman, G6JYB
  • Rep. for Central England
    Steve Powell, G8PYT