ARDF Committee members and their roles

  • Chairman:
    Bob Titterington, G3ORY
  • Board Representative:
    Stewart Bryant, G3YSX
  • RSGB International Team Manager:
    David Williams, M3WDD
  • Liaison with Orienteering:
    Robert Vickers, G3ORI
  • Equipment Issues:
    David Deane, G3ZOI
  • Programme of Events:
    John Little, M1SHE
  • Training, Development and Self-improvement:
    Andrew Soltysik, G4KWQ
  • International Class Referee:
    Vlad Boev, 2E0VLB
  • Links with Scouting/Corresponding Member:
    Frank Heritage, M0AEU
  • Corresponding Members:
    Tom Mitchell, GM0JHF
    David Hutchinson, GI4FUM