YOTA UK Sub-Committee, 9 March 2015

| March 17, 2015


Rachel Landragin (Chairman) [RL], James Thornhill [JT], Rebecca Hughes [RH], William Davies [WD], Adam Hutchison [AH], James Monahan [JM], Milo Noblet [MN], Mark Dumpleton [MD] (Deputy Youth Coordinator ex-officio), Mike Jones [MJ] (Youth Coordinator ex-officio)


Steve Hartley (Board ex-officio).

Text in italics signifies an action note, members will be referred to by initials.

Current Situation

MJ opened the meeting and welcomed everyone, the welcome was extended to MN and JM who are new to the youth team at the RSGB.

RL pointed out that no tickets had been sold at all so far, with only a month to go to the event.

JM said he had not received any responses.

MJ asked whether it might be worth moving the venue or date.

Cost of Cancellation

MJ asked about the cost to the RSGB of cancelling the event MJ confirmed that as Youth Committee chairman he has not yet paid for or authorised any payments.

RL said no catering had yet been paid for.

RL noted that there would be very little loss if sub-committee chose to cancel.

Approx £70 for the hotel costs and potentially a cost to the venue.

Alternative venues and dates

MJ suggested alternative dates and venues be discussed.

JM suggested Bletchley Park.

RL wanted to know cost of Bletchley Park.

MJ suggested the cost to the RSGB would not be too great.

MN highlighted that RSGB members get free access to Bletchley Park anyway.

RL suggested that nearby campsite to Bletchley Park could be used as accommodation.

MD noted that Newark is a central location which would be advantageous, and that for those whose parents are radio amateurs this might be more economical as they could visit the Hamfest whilst children attended YOTA UK.

JM and MD questioned the practicality of positioning YOTA UK during the middle of a half term as educational authorities have freedom to set their own term dates.

JM pointed out issues with duty of care; MJ responsible for making sure that the Society’s Child Protection Procedures are followed and in place.

RL will look into accommodation at Bletchley Park.

MJ asked to investigate why no tickets has been sold.

WD said event programme looked similar to YOTA UK 2014, and that people who had already attended may not wish to attend again this year.

MD was of the opinion that the location and price of the event may have been an issue for young people.

JT said the location was central for the whole UK, but MJ pointed out that there were far fewer young members in Scotland.

RL said that a location which was convenient for the most people needed to be found.

JT said that there was too much information to take in on the original letter sent out in January 2015.

JM quoted from said letter and noted that the information on YOTA UK could have been missed due to placement.

MJ noted that at the time of sending the letter there was not much information available about YOTA UK compared to YOTA Italy and Wales DX15.

MJ noted that no tickets had been sold to members at Silcoates School, the host venue for the event, and this may be indicative of an issue.

MJ noted that the event could not be held solely for the benefit of Silcoates’ radio club.

JT pointed out that many young people will have chosen to book their tickets closer to the actual date of the event.

MN pointed out that the current date clashes with the North West NARSA rally in Blackpool.

The Sub-committee are to make a short report to the board as to why it may not have sparked interest this time around.

Cancelling YOTA UK

Five members voted to cancel.

Two members voted to still hold the event.

There were no abstentions.

MJ to inform Silcoates of cancellation.

RL asked committee members to put forward ideas for alternative venues and dates Committee members will send suggestions to RL.

RL will formulate a proposal from these which will be sent out so that RSGB youth members may vote for the best venue and date.

MJ will send out a survey to RSGB youth members asking for feedback upon why nobody wanted to attend YOTA UK this year.

MD, RL, MN and MJ commented that it was a shame that the event was not going ahead, but that the decision was correct given the lack of interest from young members.

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