Youth Committee meeting, 26 November 2014

| December 1, 2014

RSGB Youth Committee

Meeting Minutes – 26 November 2014


Michael Jones (Chair) [MJ], William Davies [WD], Mark Dumpleton [MD], James Thornhill [JT]


Oscar Hall, Rachel Landragin, Steve Hartley (Board), Rebecca Hughes

Members of the Committee

Michael Jones—Chairman
Steve Hartley—Board Member
Adam Hutchinson
James Thornhill
Mark Dumpleton
Oscar Hall
Rachel Landragin
Rebecca Hughes
William Davies

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All present members will be referred to by their initials.

  1. MJ welcomed all members to the committee and congratulated them on their appointments. MJ wished to express his gratitude towards the Board of Directors for their support in the establishment of the committee. The general proceedings of meetings were discussed, as were the future dates of meetings which was agreed to be the third Monday of every month. The committee expressed an interest in meeting once or twice a year in person.
  2. MJ explained some of the officer roles available in the committee and stated that any members taking an interest in any of these roles should express an interest to the chair in writing—an email will be sufficient.
  3. MJ explained the aims of the Board to the committee. JT questioned as to whether the Dec 15 referred to December 15th or December 2015. MJ confirmed this was December 2015. A vote was taken and the committee unanimously supported the Board aims. JT mentioned about the possibility of having an aim to increase membership amongst youth. MJ explained that this falls within the society’s main objectives to increase membership and that youth would fall under that category.
  4. MJ explained YOTA Month is all in hand at the moment and that we have G14YOTA—and regional variants—active for 18 days within December.
  5. MJ asked for volunteers for the YOTA UK working group 2015. WD expressed an interest. It was also mentioned that Rebecca Hughes and Rachel Landragin may be interested as they participated in YOTA UK 14. Ask Rachel and Rebecca if they would be interested.
  6. YOTA DX 2015—MJ explained that more details will be to follow regarding the international YOTA event in 2015.
  7. MJ mentioned a potential for a DXpedition for 2015. MD is the group leader who explained to the committee some of the potential plans and activities if this went ahead. Possible funding options were discussed. The possibility of using the CambHams to help was also discussed and unanimously agreed that we would ask for help. A business plan to be put together by MD and MJ. MJ to ask CambHams if they would be willing to assist. A closed meeting was held after the main meeting with MD and MJ specifically about the DXpedition.
  8. Links with potential other organisations discussed. JT and MD both mentioned a lack of links with universities and the NUS, therefore they are on the list to try and establish a relationship with. Other organisations include the Scouts and armed forces cadets. MJ to speak to Heather Parsons—Communications Manager, regarding this subject.
  9. AOB—MJ asked all members to ensure their Code of Conduct forms were in as soon as is reasonably possible. Members expressed an interest in having a social media presence. MJ to liaise with Heather Parsons.
  10. Next meeting—Monday 15 December 2014, 7pm via Skype.

Michael Jones, 2E0MLJ
Youth Committee Chairman

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