YOTA Bulgaria Day 1

| July 30, 2019

The excitement had built and built, and now the day was finally here. We all set off early to head to Heathrow to begin our journey. When we had all arrived, we started to get to know each other and what each other’s interests are.

Once on the plane, we managed to settle into the flight and enjoyed a relatively smooth three hours to Bulgaria. Security at Bulgaria was very quick, and we were through in five minutes, straight to meeting one of our hosts for the week.

On the way to the hotel, the host took us through some gorgeous parts of Sofia, giving a glimpse of what this beautiful city has hidden away. We also experienced the heat, which compared to the UK, was scorching!

When we had arrived at the hotel, we had a chance to explore the local area a bit and the suburbs we found were absolutely stunning. Due to the heat, we all decided to head down to the pool to cool off a bit, where we met some of the other teams who would be joining us for the week.

To finish off the night, there was the official opening ceremony, where we were all introduced to the organisers of YOTA 2019 and IARU R1 Committee members. This was followed by a group of dancers who demonstrated a few different traditional Bulgarian dances, and encouraged YOTA members to join in.

Morgan Matthews, M6NYB

YOTA Bulgaria 2019

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