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| November 18, 2022

Most of you will have experienced RF interference problems of one sort or another over the years. In this world of advanced digital technology and increasing wireless connectivity, the probability of interference is high and increasing rapidly. This is giving rise to an ever-increasing pollution of the radio spectrum which is threatening all wireless communication. To counter these problems, the RSGB EMC Committee makes the relevant authorities aware of issues by taking measurements and surveying any available documents and reports. The committee needs volunteers to help with that task. Deep technical knowledge or experience of EMC work is not necessary, but ideally candidates should have a good understanding of radio. If you are an RSGB member and would like to help, please contact

The RSGB’s National Radio Centre at Bletchley Park will be closed from Tuesday 22 November until Friday 25 November for the upgrading of essential equipment and the installation of a new fire alarm system. The Society apologises for any inconvenience this causes.

The RSGB’s Examination Standards Committee has published its annual report, covering the operation of amateur radio exams during the calendar year of 2021. Search for Examination Standards Committee on the RSGB website and you can read the report in the minutes, papers and reports sub-page.

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