Spalding DARS

| April 16, 2020

The decision to temporarily suspended actual meetings made us evaluate how we stay in touch with the membership during a period of lockdown and social distancing. Our club meets every week and it is important and morally right that we consider not only each other’s safety, but also their mental wellbeing.

To this end we have a club net every week on a Friday at 19:30 on 145.3, which is also monitored all day by many if any need help or a chat.

We also keep in touch by our Facebook group, emails and text. Obviously we all look forward to meeting again when able, this at least keeps us active and creating a sense of belonging.

A new website is being developed to ensure we are relevant to not only our members but also the hobby.

Stay safe every one and, if local, please do drop in and chat.

Graham G8NWC
Secretary SDARS

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