RadCom Plus, Vol. 2, No. 2

| July 28, 2016

Cover image: Homebrew 70cm handheld by DL3ETW.

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4 Third Method narrowband direct upconverter for the LF/ME bands
Following on from the circuit published in the May 2016 RadCom, Andy Talbot, G4JNT discusses the issues and solutions for making a direct SSB upconverter that is suitable for audio or digital modes

10 A journey into microwaves
Mark Jones, G0MGX gives us a starter for 10GHz, explaining a relatively inexpensive way to start transmitting on this interesting band—including making some of your own test equipment

16 Arduino SDR concept
Antony Watts, M6KWH condenses a seven week course on understanding and using the Arduino microcontroller with a practical look at how to make your own software-defined radio

25 Superhet ganging and tracking
Amateurs tend to avoid the issues surrounding ganging and tracking of superhet receivers as ‘too complicated’—Peter Chadwick, G3RZP addresses the problems and helps with the necessary calculations

28 A 70cm handheld using the DRA818U module
Can you build a 70cm handheld on perfboard? Why not? Clemens Verstappen, DL3ETW shows us how, with a little cunning and a magic module, you can make your own very interesting radio

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