RadCom April 2016, Vol. 92, No. 4

| March 21, 2016


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Cover image: The VP8SGI QTH on South Georgia. Photo courtesy Paul, N6PSE on behalf of the VP8SGI DXpedition teamThis edition brings with it the opportunity to review the work of your Society provided by the small HQ staff and thousand or so volunteers who work throughout the year to support amateur radio in the UK, and to deliver benefits to you, our Members.

So please take a few moments to read the various committee reports, update yourself on our finances and consider coming to Glasgow for our AGM and the informal session that follows in the afternoon.

News and Reports

AGM Calling Notice 7
AGM Report 60
AGM Voting Information 59
Around Your Region—Club events calendar 90
Around Your Region—Events roundup 93
Election Information 8
New Products 14
News 11
RSGB 2015 Committee Reports 40
RSGB Matters 6

Online edition

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Advertisers’ Index 99
Antennas, Mike Parkin, G0JMI 30
GHz Bands, Dr John Worsnop, G4BAO 78
HF, Martin Atherton, G3ZAY 72
LF, Dave Pick, G3YXM 70
Members’ Ads 100
Propagation, Gwyn Williams, G4KFH 79
Rallies and Events 102
Special Events, Silent Keys 102
Sport Radio, Steve White, G3ZVW 89
The Last Word 104
VHF/UHF, Richard Staples, G4HGI 76


Book Review, Giles Read, G1MFG 81
Elecraft K3S, Peter Hart, G3SJX 84

Technical Features

Data, Andy Talbot, G4JNT 24
Design Notes, Andy Talbot, G4JNT 26
EMC, Dr David Lauder, G0SNO 20
Homebrew, Eamon Skelton, EI9GQ 16
Portable 3-ele 6m Yagi, Derek Murray, M0RFY 32


More Schools Contact the ISS, Elaine Richards, G4LFM 38
YOTA Month 2015, Adam Hutchison, MM0KFX 22


Page 7, Calling Notice for AGM 2016, Agenda, para. 6, Geoff Derby’s call sign G7GJU is printed incorrectly as G7JGU.
Page 7, Calling Notice for AGM 2016, Nominated Directors, paras. 1 & 2, Graham Murchie’s call sign G4FSG is printed incorrectly as G3FSG.
Page 59, RSGB 2016 AGM,  Resolution 5, para. 1, Geoff Derby’s call sign G7GJU is printed incorrectly as G7JGU.

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