RadCom Basics January 2021, No. 20

| March 26, 2021

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  • Welcome to the latest edition by Lee, G4EJB, Editor
    In this edition, a focus on aspects of starting the hobby and more help with construction; and a brief look at the RSGB website updates and offers.
  • How much do we value listening and listeners?
    I, like many others, started the hobby as a listener. Amateur radio may have changed considerably over the years but let’s consider a fundamental—listening. What can we learn from it?
  • A look at receive antennas
    Why can’t we sometimes hear stations that others can? Well, this article originally from the Start Here series by Jonathan Constable, M5FUN and Tatiana McArthur, MM6TAT published in RadCom, Nov 2010 might be of help. They look at antennas for improving your receiving capabilities and how to use the antennas efficiently.
  • Setting up a radio station bench
    Having recently moved home, setting up a radio station bench was a priority. With little outlay and few materials to hand—time to get inventive. If you’ve just started or re-starting in this hobby, you may find some of methods of use to you.
  • Making metal boxes: part one
    Following on from the excellent RSGB Tonight @ 8 edition, Amateur Radio Construction, here’s the first part of the Bob Crowe, VK6CG article published back in RadCom, Aug 2010. Bob goes into really good detail on how to master some of the basic skills required.
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