RadCom Basics July 2019, No. 12

| September 24, 2019

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  • Welcome to the second edition from Lee, G4EJB, the RadCom Basics editor
    With feedback from our readers and implementing some of those recommendations; another way of navigating the RSGB website using the Services Map and what can be found tucked away in links on pages; and if you are looking to brush up on the basics, I recommend the book I read and still refer to!
  • Take part in September’s SSB Field Day
    Exactly what is Field Day? With an overview of how to get involved; details on entering the contest, logging contacts, submitting an entry and RSGB awards for Field Day
  • Use WSPR and get your signals heard around the world
    With an insight into WSPR, ways to use it, links to further reading and software—there’s even a very accessible way of using WSPR with a UK designed and manufactured product
  • Using repeaters in other areas
    A look at analogue repeaters; understanding how to use the repeaters; and using the comprehensive RSGB ukrepeaters.net web pages for repeater details and coverage—all adding up to cost-effective amateur mobile communications

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RadCom Basics is a bi-monthly digital publication for RSGB Members new to amateur radio that explores key aspects of amateur radio in a straightforward and accessible way.

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