Microcontroller Know How

| April 24, 2021

By Mark Jones, G0MGXMicrocontroller Know How

Microcontrollers are used today in a wide array of items—car engine control systems, implantable medical devices, remote controls, office machines, household appliances, toys and much more.

This technology has never been more accessible to the amateur and this book sets out to show, in an easy-to-understand style, how to make these powerful tools work for you.

Aimed at radio amateurs, Microcontroller Know How introduces you to the controller types included, and provides practical working microcontroller projects for these with all the supporting files.

If you want a straightforward guide to microcontrollers that gives you the confidence to tackle projects on a variety of different technologies, or want interesting projects to try, or perhaps just an insight into this topic, then Microcontroller Know How is certainly the book for you.

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