Intermediate Licence Manual for Radio Amateurs

| February 15, 2021

2nd Edition

by R. Bleaney M0RBK, G. Smart M1GEO and D. Mills G7UVW

This is the latest book for those studying for their Intermediate Amateur radio licence. The Intermediate Licence Manual contains all of the information required for those seeking to upgrade their Foundation callsign.

Designed to cover all elements of the Amateur Radio Intermediate licence syllabus, this second RSGB course-book The Intermediate Licence Manual is written in an easy to understand style.  Broken down into familiar chapters such as Licence Conditions, Basic Electronics, Transmitters & Receivers and Antennas, this book contains plenty of helpful advice, including important safety tips.

Simply put The Intermediate Licence Manual is THE book for those working to pass the Amateur Radio Intermediate Licence exam.

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Corrections and updates

We are shipping the 2nd edition of this book and the significant corrections and updates to this are provided below. These changes are made to the printed edition when it is reprinted and there can be various printings in circulation, so it is worth checking your copy against the updates below. We are currently shipping an edition marked:

First Printed 2020
Reprinted 2020
Reprinted with amendments 2021 & 2022

This edition has been updated to include all prior corrections and does contain a small number of expanded and revised explanations not included in earlier printings.

As of the 1 September 2022 the Exam syllabus used by the examinations will be version 1.5.  The changes made to the syllabus primarily concern the introduction of the requirement for all amateurs to check compliance with EMF (Electromagnetic Field) exposure limits.  The current edition of the Intermediate Licence Manual is compliant with syllabus 1.5.  For those using previous editions of the book we have provided a supporting leaflet that details these important changes, this can be obtained as a free of charge download from here.

Corrections to the 2021 Printing

Page 44, Signal Processing
Column 2, paragraph 2
On line 6, remove ‘100 kHz’ and replace with ‘10kHz’

Corrections to the 2020 Printing

Under the following headings please make the following amendments

Page 11, Electromagnetic Radiation
column 3, paragraph 1
Change ‘Health Protection Agency (HPA)’ to ‘Public Health England and the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP)’.

Page 14, Resistor Values
column 1, paragraph 3
Delete first sentence and replace with ‘You will be given the resistor colour code in the exam.’

Page 24, Transformers
Fig 4.33
Change caption to read ‘Circuit representation of a transformer’

Page 39, Tuned RF receiver
Column 3, paragraph 1
Beneath the heading ‘Tuned RF receiver’ insert a sentence ‘Please note that this is not a syllabus item but it illustrates points from other parts of the syllabus’

Page 44, Signal Processing
Column 2, paragraph 1
On line 12, remove ‘peak-to-peak’ and on line 14, replace ‘peak-to-peak’ with ‘amplitude’

Fig 7.27

Amend the Time scale to ‘0 to 500 microseconds’

Page 44, Digital Filtering
Column 3, paragraph 1

On line 9, replace ‘sensitive’ with ‘selective’

Page 54, Coaxial Cable
column 2, paragraph 1
Delete ‘and the signal is carried only by the inner conductor’

Page 74, Effects of resistors in series
column 1, paragraph 3
Amend Picture A6.2 to read ‘Picture A 6.1’

Page 74, Construction
column 3, paragraph 2
Amend ‘Picture 15.6’ to read ‘Picture A6.2’

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