WRC-12 Day 16 – 7 February 2012 – YES!

| February 7, 2012

Agenda Item 1.23 – 500kHz

Progress through Committee 4 (COM4) was a little easier than expected and the frequency band 472-479kHz will be allocated to the amateur service, on a Secondary basis. This is subject to no further objections being received during the two final readings through the plenary meetings, of which the first ‘blue’ reading is expected to be during the plenary this coming Friday, late afternoon.

Agenda Item 1.15 – Oceanic Radar

It seems that tidying up the paperwork was not part of the intent when the sub-working group reconsidered these proposals. The entry for 5250-5275kHz remains in a footnote as a Primary user in Region 2 and Secondary in Regions 1 and 3. This paper has been elevated to Working Group 4A and could be considered by COM4 tomorrow. As the spectrum for this issue covers now extends to 42MHz, the references to HF have been removed.

Agenda Item 8.2 – Future Agenda Items


Text for this proposal should have been agreed between Cuba and the US by the end of today. It seems that specific reference to the amount of spectrum required has been removed, as Cuba wanted 50kHz and the US offered 15kHz. The latter is of course less than US amateurs have under current arrangements. This is before the proposal even gets considered as a Future Agenda Item…


There is a proposal for an allocation at 10GHz for the Earth Exploration Satellite Service for WRC-15. Initial investigations show there could be a small threat to the amateur services so this is being closely followed.


Another likely agenda item for WRC-15 is “Allocation of the band 77.5-78.0GHz to the radiolocation service to support automotive short-range high-resolution radar operations”, otherwise known as anti-collision radar. This frequency band is currently allocated to the amateur services on a Primary basis.

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