WRC-12 Day 4 – 26th January 2012 – Progress?

| January 26, 2012

The first meeting of the sub working group on agenda item 1.23 took place during the morning session but little formal progress was made. Meanwhile ‘corridor meetings’ took place to try and find a way forward. As a result of these discussions, a small group met to consolidate the 12 input documents reflecting the views of those administrations both for and against. A drafting group will start work tomorrow to try and produce a single document reflecting these views. A deadline of Monday 30th has been set to finish this document in order to progress this agenda item to the next level. Weekend working looks increasingly likely.

Monitoring of agenda item 1.15 HF Oceanic Radars continues with an initial overview of the frequency proposals. From an amateur perspective, particular attention is being given to the US proposal for an allocation at 5250-5450kHz.

On the subject of 5MHz, Cuba has made a proposal for an amateur service allocation at 5MHz. As yet, this has not been considered by the sub group responsible for deciding agenda items for the next or subsequent WRCs.

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