RSGB Board – May 2024 meeting key messages

| June 12, 2024

Following its meeting in May 2024, the RSGB Board has shared these key messages from that meeting:

  • Board welcomed its visit to RSGB HQ and the opportunity to meet HQ staff. It also thanks the senior staff for the informative presentations they gave
  • Andrew Jenner, G7KNA was co-opted to be Regional Representative for Region 11 on the recommendation of the Regional Team
  • Board received a presentation from Mark Jones, G0MGX which set out the next steps for the implementation of the strategy. These steps would be followed over the new few months.
  • Spectrum Defence Fund: Board noted that this had been depleted because the Society had funded a delegate for the whole of the World Radio Conference. Whilst the next conference was some years away, threats to our spectrum could emerge at any time. Defending the valuable spectrum amateur radio uses is a prime role for the Society and a strategic priority. Board decided to seek donations and other funds to replenish the fund
  • 1,189 candidates had taken exams in the four months to the end of April: 902 for Foundation, 146 for Intermediate and 133 for Full. Eight candidates had taken Direct to Full of which five had passed. The rate of increase in numbers taking exams was showing some signs of slowing but was still above the rate in 2023

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