Board Director Co-option

| May 16, 2023

The RSGB Board has made the following announcement:

Under the Article 32 a co-opted Director must retire at the AGM following their co-option. Ian Shepherd, G4EVK had been co-opted prior to the 2023 AGM and so would normally have had to retire from the Board. The Articles provide that “in exceptional circumstances, to fulfil a specific need, the Board may vary the above arrangements. Due notice will be published via RadCom.”

Whilst the meaning of the Articles could be interpreted to make this requirement unnecessary the Board considers it prudent to put the point beyond doubt. It therefore gives notice that it has decided to co-opt Ian Shepherd under Article 37 to the Board to serve until the 2024 AGM without the need to stand for election or nomination.

Its reasons are to ensure that the Board has sufficient members so as to address the challenges caused by the post pandemic changes in amateur radio, and society in general, and the significant economic challenges facing the United Kingdom.

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