RSGB EMF calculator updated

| June 30, 2021

Following the update from Ofcom to its guidance What You Need to Know as an Amateur Radio User (9-page/243KB PDF) we have updated the RSGB calculator to version rsgb10a.

You can find this on the EMF pages of the website

Please treat this as a Beta release and report any problems to


  • The main changes are to implement band dependent antenna gain
  • We have also changed the low power compliance condition to less than 10W EIRP average and less than 100W EIRP peak in line with Ofcom’s change to guidance. The other changes made by Ofcom to its calculator were already in the RSGB version
  • Sundry formatting changes have been made to try to prevent text overflowing boxes reported by some users

The cable attenuation table and the antenna gain table have been left visible (not hidden) so you can help us check the values used.

Work continues on frequencies below 10MHz and using ICNIRP 2020 levels (instead of ICNIRP 1998 levels).

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